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Our goal

To create happy home owners. We’d love you to be next!

Our mission

Salt Properties focuses on customer satisfaction and building long-term relationships.

Our goal is to attract clients who will return to us, from the first-time home owner to the family home buyer, as well as long-term investors.

We can assist anyone looking for real estate.

Our vision

Although Salt Properties is currently focussed on the Kouga region, our vision is to expand to other South African coastal towns.

Vision Beach

Our values

Salt Properties operates under three core values.


Salt Properties believes in open, transparent dealings that leave our customers without a doubt as to our integrity. Buying real estate from us must leave you at ease and confident that you made the right choice.


Salt Properties will endeavour to come through for you, no matter what you require from us. In a day and age where loyalty is a scarce commodity, it’s good to know that you can trust us to put your interests before our own.


It is of utmost importance that your real estate deal is handled with the highest level of professionality. It’s also crucial that your dealings are concluded in a thorough manner.


Roenel Kriek, the principal of Salt Properties, has been in the property industry since 1989.

Her decades of vast experience grants her not only an edge over her competition, it also ensures prospects and clients receive the best service in the property niche.

The Team

Meet the lovely ladies you’ll be privileged to work with when you deal with Salt Properties.

Roenel Kriek - Salt Properties

Roenel Kriek

Roenel has over 30 years experience in the real estate industry and functions as a solid foundation for Salt Properties. Her enthusiasm rubs off on her agents who pride themselves in their work. She is a phenomenal principal always ready to clinch the deal. 

Nelda Oosthuizen - Salt Properties

Nelda Oosthuizen

Nelda has been in the real estate industry since 2015. She is passionate about making her clients happy. Nelda sees property as a way to connect with people and build relationships. She is eager to aid her clients in making wise investments by finding the right property for them. She is diligent and always willing to go the extra mile.   

Amy Teixeira-Porrescas - Salt Properties

Amy Teixeira-Porrescas

Amy is a professional photographer with 8 years experience. She has a love for beautiful homes, architecture and interior design and thus found the perfect career in Real Estate. Amy is a people person and passionate about life. She works hard to find a home that perfectly fits her clients. 


Nicaile Fevrier

Nicaile Fevrier

Nicaile is a beautiful young lady focused on giving prospective homeowners a fantastic experience when they’re looking for their perfect home.

Sune Victor - Salt Properties

Suné Victor

Suné is studying her degree in Marketing Management while pursuing her career in Real Estate. She is a hard working woman with a mind for business. She loves people and always has time for others. 

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